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1 Issue 1 – Released September 6th, 2017

You Might Not Need jQuery

Shows you how jQuery can more and more be replaced with simple, vanilla JavaScript. Back in the day jQuery was extremely helpful, but JavaScript has been catching up. Even if you don't use jQuery, this resource is handy to check out how some common tasks are done in JavaScript.

The State of CSS

CSS has come a long way (which is why I'm making a new course about it ;). This article illustrates that in a rather dramatic way. It's a bit exaggerated IMO, but it's still a great read! Just take it with a grain of salt.

A Look Into Proper HTML5 Semantics

HTML semantics is rather important, especially for search engines (aka Google). I only touch upon this topic very briefly in my HTML course, so this would be a great read.

10 Ways to Improve Typography In Your Designs

Some people say that typography is the single most important element in your designs. While I'm not sure if I agree, typography is hugely important, for sure. With this excellent article you can up your typography game.


There has been a huge trend moving away from the old-school cPanel-based web hosting, to more modern and elegant solutions. Netlify offers easy-to-setup CDN (content delivery network) hosting, which is even for free for small projects. Offers a ton of features like free HTTPS, continuous deployment, etc. IMO, it's absolutely perfect for static websites and apps.


Gradients are all the rage right now in web design, and this one is a great resource to find some of the best looking gradients out there.

Hero Patterns

Patterns are a beautiful way to give your website a unique personality. IMO, this is the best resource for beautiful website patterns.


One of the best tools out there to test responsive designs. Shows you how your website looks on all modern mobile devices. It has a ton of options, and I find it really useful.

Product Pages

Interested in beautiful, well-designed landing pages? Well, this gallery has a TON of them for your inspirations. Amazing.

How to Get Your First Developer Job

More and more people are learning how to code, and developers are in high demand, but finding a job as a web dev can still be challenging if you don't have a real degree. This article shares a couple of tips to help you better prepare yourself to land your first developer job.

Web Developer Roadmap 2017

A hugely popular github repo containing some charts demonstrating the paths that you can take in order to become a frontend, backend or a devops developer in 2017. Worth checking out!

This Picture Will Change the Way You Learn to Code

Another resource about learning, this one is about how to learn like a developer. Yes, it's an important skill, because otherwise you might get overwhelmed and lost.

2 Issue 2 – Released October 4th, 2017

Formspree: Functional HTML forms

Just send your form to a custom Formspree URL and the app will forward it to your email. No PHP, Javascript or sign up required — perfect for static sites. Give it a try!

5 things CSS developers wish they knew before they started

Well the title says it all. In modern CSS development, there are so many things to learn. For someone starting out today, it's hard to know where to start. Actually, that's what my courses are for 😉

Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet

A GitHub repo which is just a cheatsheet for modern JavaScript. It's not to tech JavaScript, but it's good to have a guide like this as a bookmark.

Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2017 comparison

Yet another comparison of Angular, React and Vue, but this one is really well done. If you're looking into learning one of these JavaScript frameworks, maybe check this one out.

Learn How To Debug JavaScript with Chrome DevTools

As a new developer, finding and fixing bugs in JavaScript can be difficult. This tutorial shows you how to use breakpoints to debug code within the Chrome Developer Tools.

Mastering the Power of Nothing

A nice tutorial on how to use whitespace in user interface design. Whitespace is one of the most valuable assets of web design, and so this is a great article to check out!

The State of the Web: A guide to impactful performance improvements

An amazing guide on how to improve web performance for the ever-increasing number of people connected to the internet today. BTW, I cover many of these aspects in my upcoming CSS course 🔥


Free resource where you can find raw photography to use on your webpages or apps (the only one I know about). A nice alternative to the super popular unsplash.com.

Designing Websites for iPhone X

The name of the tutorial says it all. While many people say that we shouldn't write CSS for one very specific device, the reality is that in a couple of months, millions of people will be browsing your sites on an iPhone X. So, why not trying to optimize for it?

How we built our first full-stack JavaScript web app in three weeks

A great read on how a small team went from an idea to a deployed full-stack JavaScript app. Because it's important to remember that knowing "how to code" is very different from knowing "how to build an app".

3 Issue 3 – Will be released November 1st, 2017

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